May 2022 Rally Report

Sun Outdoors Sarasota
May 12-15, 2022

It’s not often that the weather cooperates once rainy season descends upon southern Florida, however, the cards were in our favor as we had lots of sunshine and warm temperatures. In addition to the awesome weather, we had a great turnout for our final rally of the 2021-22 rally season.

Adding to the attendance of several seasoned members, we had the pleasure of welcoming 9 guests to our rally. Those that were unable to attend were certainly missed, but we look forward to seeing them again soon at an upcoming rally.

Our rally began with everyone gathering in the Pine Room to have sandwiches and snacks for a light dinner. After enjoying our sandwiches and everyone getting to know each other, we all took part in making our own ice cream sundaes. They were delicious!!! Once everyone satisfied their sweet tooth cravings, several attendees stayed to play some games. The games of choice this evening was Mexican Train and Farkle. 

Good morning, everyone! On Friday morning we all met at Der Dutchman Restaurant for a group breakfast. If any of you have ever been to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, you may have had the experience of eating at the Shady Maple Smorgasbord. Shady Maple is a massive smorgasbord buffet filled with Pennsylvania Dutch specialties. If you have never been to Shady Maple, add it to your travel destination list. It is worth the trip. By the way, at Shady Maple, your meal is free if you visit on your birthday so plan accordingly. 

Der Dutchman is reminiscent of the Shady Maple although on a much smaller scale. Everyone enjoyed their breakfast and strolling through the gift shop. Well, most everyone. The women seemed to enjoy the gift shop much more than the men. Conceivably, the lack of a tool section dissuaded the men’s interest. Perhaps it is just one of life’s mysteries.

After breakfast we returned to the resort to participate in a friendly competition of shuffleboard. While we originally planned on bocce, the group voted to play shuffleboard instead. We all had a blast. Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to our winners– Team Hersey and Team Thaxton & Lola! 

On Friday night we all gathered once again for dinner at Stottlemyers Barbecue Restaurant across the street. Once again, the food was delicious, and we all enjoyed being together for another meal.

Saturday provided the opportunity for rally attendees to explore on their own. Several chose to visit places such as the Van Gogh Experience, some local distilleries, and the Big Cat Habitat. Others chose to just have a relaxing day by the pool or ride their bikes. There is so much to do at the resort and the surrounding area that everyone seemed to find a fun activity.

On Saturday night we met at Mr. Tequila Mexican restaurant. The food and drinks were fantastic, and the restaurant staff was very attentive and accommodating to our group. It was a great evening out with the group for dinner.  Muy Bueno!!

Sunday morning came much too soon. In the blink of an eye our fun filled weekend had come to an end. It was now to time to pack our things, say our farewells and head home. We all gathered for one last time to have some breakfast pastries and fruit. It was a pleasure to spend the weekend with everyone and I hope you have fun filled adventures this summer. Thank you to everyone who helped make this rally a rousing success. We look forward to seeing all of you next season. Safe travels and we can’t wait to hear about your summer travel adventures.